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Simplicity I : Cupcake Ring RM5
size: adjustable
RM 8   NOW RM 7.20 ! 

Simplicity III : Green Earrings RM5
Diameter: 5cm
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !
Silvery I : Butterfly Ring RM12
ring size: 17mm (inner diameter), butterfly size: 4.2cm x 5.5cm
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !

Silvery III : Flower Ring RM8
size: 18mm
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Silvery V : Jewelled-butterfly Earrings RM7
size: 5.6cm (diameter)
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Exotic I : Leaves Ring RM10
ring size: 17mm (inner diameter)
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !

Exotic II : Blooms Ring RM8
ring size: 16mm and 18mm (inner diameter)
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Exotic III : Rose Ring RM8
ring size: 18mm (inner diameter)
color: gold Sold and dark silver
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Exotic IV : Eagle Earring RM6
size: 5.9cm x 5.9cm (diameter)
RM12   NOW RM 10.80 !

 Exotic V : Butterfly Ring RM10
ring size: 16mm, 19mm Sold and 20 mm (inner diameter)
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !
 *the 16mm one is slightly defected on the top left wing as depicted

Exotic VI : Peacock Ring RM12
ring size: 17mm (inner diameter)
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !
Vintage II : Owl Necklace RM12
length of chain: 72cm
pendant size: 8.5cm x 4.5cm
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !

Vintage III : Baby Owls RM12
Colour: Black/Bronze
Length: 84cm Pendant: 3cm x 5cm
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !

Vintage V : Binoculars Necklace RM12
Length: 70cm , Pendant: 3cm x 2cm
Colour: Bronze/Silver
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !

Vintage VI : Pocket Watch Necklace RM12
Length: adjustable, Pendant: 5cm x 5cm
RM 18 *batteries not included NOW RM 16.20 !

Aladdin I: Grecian Bangle RM10
size: 6.5cm (diameter)
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Aladdin III: Elephant Necklace RM12
Length: 66cm, Pendant: 4cm x 4cm
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !

Circles I : Bronze Earrings  RM10
size: 3.8cm (diameter), space in between: 3.2cm (diameter)
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !
                                                    front                                                         back 

Circles II : White/Gold Earrings RM10
size: 6cm (diameter), space in between: 3.5cm (diameter)
RM 18   NOW RM 16.20 !

Circles III : Gold Earrings RM10
size: 4.8cm (diameter)
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !

Circles IV : Mismatched Earrings RM10
size: 3.5cm (diameter)
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !

Circles V: Ring RM8
size: 18.5mm and 19mm (inner diameter)
RM 12   NOW RM 10.80 !

Mix & Match II: Little Owl Earrings RM10
Size of pendant: 1.5cm x 2cm
RM 15   NOW RM 13.50 !
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