Payment and Delivery.

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Payment Methods.

1.  Payment can be made through bank transfer to our Maybank account or
2.  For those who made payment via bank transfer, kindly acknowledge us
     through an email.
3.  Remember to keep the copy of the receipt as proof.
    *Orders are confirmed once payment has been received and no refunds
      will be made if you back out. 

Delivery Options.

1.  Pos Laju: RM 6 for west malaysia, RM9 for east malaysia
       *Postage fees may differ from the amount stated above depending on the weights of the products in total.
2.  We no longer offer pos express services as they will be returned to us due                   aaato the item's thickness.
3.  C.O.D service is free and only in Monash University, Sunway 
     Campus (to be arranged with us) *not available from November 2011 - February 2012*
3. Please note that parcels will only be posted out on every Saturday
*on the first Saturday of the month, we will post it out on Friday instead.

For further inquiries, you can always email us at, we are nice people! :)

happy shopping.
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About Us

heLLooOOoo ~~~ welcome to SugarRush Selection! ^^ This is an online shop selling only accessories, for the time being :) Our products are personally picked by us for your indulgence. We sincerely hope that you will come to ♥ our accessories. Thank you for your patronage :)


:) Feel free to drop us an email if any doubts or enquiries arise at

We will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. Thank you.

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